Monday, November 23, 2009

Living Room - Before and After

Last week I finally made the big paint reveal. Today I want to show the progression that the living room has made so far. It started with out dated furniture and non-descript paint before we moved in. We immediately removed the dated brown carpet, and added our furniture. Most recently we painted the room Gobi Dessert by Behr paint (matched to Bleeker Beige of Benjamin Moore). Maria over at Colour me Happy recommended painting our blonde wood trim, and closet door. I was hesitant about covering the wood, but I am so happy with how it turned out. I feel like painting the closet door helped make the room more seamless, and easier to look at. We have lots of work left, but I am just so thrilled with how this is turning out so far. Thanks Maria!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Paint Reveal!

Finally!!! I have been waiting for my camera to get back from being repaired to take pictures of the paint we did in That 70's House.

I have to give a shout out to Maria Killam at Colour Me Happy. She is a professional color designer (? I think that's her title!), and she was willing to open up her blog to color questions one day. I jumped on the chance to get some advice on what color to paint my living room, since I have such awkwardly colored furniture that I don't want to replace yet.

Originally I was looking at some dark sage greens and beiges that would have been waaay too dark for our front room. Maria pointed me towards Bleeker Beige from the Benjamin Moore paint line. I love it!

I ended up color matching my Benjamin Moore sample with the color scanner in Home Depot, and came home with Gobi Desert from the Behr paint line for about half the price. We're on a budget since we are still paying on 2 houses at this point!

The camera does not do this paint job justice. We hired a friend to do the painting, and here are the results...

We even painted the front door!

Maria recommended painting all of our blonde wood. I was a tad hesitant to cover up natural wood, but I hated that blonde with a passion so we went for it. Such a good decision!

What are those spots?? I thought we got the camera fixed!

Maria also helped me out with our mess of a wall. She recommended covering the closet with paint, and we even got our friend to continue the white baseboard on the bottom of the door. It makes that wall look much more seamless.
Here is the progression of work on this wall...

Do you think I should paint the hinges and knob?


We even continued the paint down the hallway and covered all of the blonde doors. Looove it!
So that's our paint job in the living room... We still have the pictures to hang in several spots, and then we are off into the bedroom!