Saturday, January 23, 2010

No more cold showers!

This showerhead was losing so much water that our shower would be cold before we were even rinsed off.

Enter the Waterpik EcoFlow. We picked it up at Wal-mart for $25.

I can't get this dumb thing off. Wait. Why do you have my camera?

This shower head reduces the flow to 2 gallons per minute. I believe the old style shown above was using up to 8 gallons per minute. Hopefully we will use much less of the hot water in the tank, keeping our shower warm to the end.


Anonymous said...

I call shenanigans! You just wanted a detachable shower head ;)

Erin said...

How did I know Mo would have a comment about this? :)

Candice said...

We had a major issue with the bathrooms in our 1969 house - I am taller than the shower head (at a measly 5'3) which is pretty rediculous! We too replaced the shower head and added an arm extender - much better! I still hate the shower and we eventually want to take out the outdated blue tub with awesome gold rosette foucets and make a large walk in shower - but in the mean time, the arm extender will have to do the trick!